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Wright Advertising Corporation has been an established advertising business since 1949. As such, we are the exclusive provider of bench advertising in the Midwest. Our ad benches are present at prime locations such as well traveled and highly visible bus routes throughout the entire city of Chicago, the surrounding suburbs, Rockford and Indiana. Our success can be attributed to the fact that we provide a specialized medium that offers a multitude of visual impressions at a surprisingly affordable rate.

With the number of commuters increasing, the audience for bench advertising is growing at an extremely rapid pace. Competing media has become more fragmented by the addition of web sites and infomercials, as well as numerous magazine and newspaper publications. With high-quality graphics and crisp lettering, bench advertising is the one medium that cannot be missed or diluted.

It is the most cost-effective and economical form of "out of home" advertisement used to reach various targeted demographic populations, since bench advertising is high-impact as well as low-cost and conveys the message all hours of day and night.