Economical The average cost of reaching thousands each day is far less than any media, including direct mail. With CPMs for as little as 40 cents, this makes bench advertising the most cost effective form of "Out of Home" advertising on the market today. Only word-of-mouth advertising costs less - and that's free.

Attractive The new Millennium sleek style bench is aesthetically appealing and extremely durable, not to mention it's virtually maintenance free; our classic style benches are brand new and very well-maintained. All ads are computer-generated with high performance vinyl and graphics, combined with a special coating that is placed over the final product to prevent graffiti damage.

Professional Wright Advertising Corporation uses only the best materials to create the most attractive designs and finest artwork, as all production is completed in-house. Additionally, our benches are checked for quality control with year-round maintenance.

Public Service Our benches are also a convenience for the public, especially our senior citizens, who appreciate a place to sit while waiting for the bus. Bench effectiveness is measured two-fold: first, the advertiser gets his message out to the public and second, the community appreciates the service the benches have to offer.

Effective Ads are placed at eye level so you'll never strain your neck or your eyes looking at our benches. The benches are always placed within a few feet of passing autos and walking pedestrians; therefore, your message is much closer to the reader than the very distant standard billboards, making the details more appreciable.

Broad Coverage There are many locations for you to choose from and the more you choose the more coverage you can corner the market with. Try to do that with one billboard at the same price!

Exclusive Advertising benches are exclusively our territory in the towns we service. This means there is never a need to compete for attention with other ads at your locations so your ads get a great deal of notice. Try to get this from other forms of media!

Success Our company has been in business for over 50 years. We have an 85% renewal rate and recurring customers who have been with us for over 30 years. Your success is our success.

Reach 50% of Chicago's
Hispanic population
with 100 benches

  • Grand and Homan
  • 18th and Blue Island
  • 26th and Pulaski

Reach 50% of Chicago's
African-American population
with 200 benches

  • 90th and Racine
  • 35th and King Drive
  • 71st and Stony Island

Reach 50% of Chicago's
entire population
with 300 benches

  • Milwaukee and Ohio
  • Touhy and Sacramento
  • Belmont and Campbell